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This NOVA video introduces the concept of the energy crisis and why we need to use alternative energy to fuel our future.

Possible discussion topics:
  • Do you believe in global warming? Why or why not?
  • What do you think the governments responsibility is towards energy security?
  • The video explains that access to inexpensive energy promotes health, education and the economy. How do we balance the social responsibility to provide access to inexpensive energy with the responsibility to keep our environment clean?
  • What do you think the best clean-energy solution is, and why?

This NOVA video explains what we mean when we say "energy".

Possible discussion topics:
  • What types of energy can your body have? Give an example of each
  • Which types of energy conversion are more or less efficient? Remember, energy is neither created or destroyed, but why about entropy?

This NOVA video talks about different types of energy, and how we can convert between them.

Possible discussion topics:
  • What types of energy conversion have you don't today? Give specific examples
  • What types of energy conversion take place to get electricity to your wall outlet? Start at coal in the ground, and end with a plug.

This NOVA video explains what renewable energy means, and the different types of renewable energy available to us.

Possible discussion topics:
  • What type of alternative energy do you find more intriguing, and why?
  • Can you think of any other possible untapped energy source?
  • More and more fossil fuels are being created every day as prehistoric plant and animal matter decomposes. Why then are fossil fuels not considered to be a renewable energy source?

This NOVA video explains how solar energy is used in todays society.

Possible discussion topics:
  • Have you ever used solar energy? Where?
  • In what situations could solar energy be extremely useful? What about not so useful?
  • What surfaces do you think we should begin putting solar panels on?
  • Do you believe there should be government subsidies for installing solar panels? Why or why not?

This NOVA video talks about the issue of storing energy, so it can be used on demand.

Possible discussion topics:
  • How many calories food has is a measure of energy. How do scientists measure this?
  • How do you think we should store energy for day-to-day consumption in our homes? What about for our vehicles?
  • There have been concerns about the dangers of storing hydrogen, a very energy-rich fuel. How do you feel about this? How does this differ from storing large vats of gasoline?
  • Why does SHArK aim to find materials that will directly convert solar energy into hydrogen gas?