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When it comes down to it, SHArK is about discovery! If you discover a new semiconducting metal oxide capable of water-splitting using SHArK, The Parkinson Group at the University of Wyoming will preform follow-up experiments, and you will get your name on a publication. That's right! You and your students could be published in a peer-reviewed journal. In fact, we've already had some success.
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A Hit! Published!

One promising p-type semiconductor, containing earth abundant iron, aluminum and chromium (Fe2-x-yCrxAlyO3), with previously unreported photoelectrolysis activity, was discovered by an undergraduate scientist at Gonzaga University while studying tertiary combinations of metals using SHArK. The Parkinson Group followed up on this result and determined the near optimum stoichiometry to be Fe0.84Cr1.0Al0.16O3. There are millions more combinations to try! Join our team, and help find them!

You can check out the publication here.