The Kit

SHArK Components Have Many Uses

When you purchase SHArK, you are not only buying a research-grade photocurrent scan station; several SHArK components can be used in other aspects of your classroom. Most importantly, SHArK utilizes a National Instruments MyRIO- powerful data acquisition device, which combines a real-time processor and programmable FPGA. Also included with SHArK is a LabVIEW license, so your students can get a head-start learning the industry-standard of programming. Don't forget about the two linear actuators, laser and LEGOs! With these components you're well on your way to creative lessons in robotics, mathematics or even optics.

What's included with SHArK:

  • LEGO bricks– All the necessary bricks and complete assembly instructions
  • LabVIEW License- A student addition LabVIEW license.
  • Two (2) blue SHArK electronics boxes– these contain the electronics that control the movement and electrochemistry of SHArK. It is built at the University of Wyoming.
  • Two (2) linear actuators by Frigelli (model L12-100-210-12-P)– these actuators enable the movement of the laser.
  • One (1) laser– This is the light source for SHArK. It rasters across the surface illumining a small area at a time.
  • One (1) MyRIO by National Instruments– This is an advanced data acquisition card, and enables photocurrent data collection from SHArK.
  • Ten (10) FTO (conductive glass) substrates– This are used to prepare your sample upon.
  • Ten (10) strips of copper tape to adhere to your prepared samples
  • One (1) 3D-printed sample holder with an FTO front-plate– This holds your sample, the electrolyte and is the counter electrode of your scan station.
  • One (1) flash drive containing installation software for SHArK.
  • One (1) ribbon cable– This connects your electronics box to your MyRIO.
  • One (1) power adapter– This powers your MyRIO and an electronics box.
  • One (1) USB cable– This connects your MyRIO to your computer.
  • One (1) electrochemical connection wire– This connects your electronic box to your sample during a scan via two alligator clips
  • One (1) pair laser safety goggles for a 523 nm laser.

What's not included:

  • Windows computer– SHArK is designed to run on a Windows compatible computer.
  • Chemicals– for your sample preparation (metal salts), as well as for the electrolyte solution (sodium hydroxide) and cleaning solutions for the FTO plates (soap, ethanol or methanol).
  • Additional pairs of laser safety glasses if desired.